Some different ideas for what adults can do to prevent bullying in schools:

  • Teachers can devote class time each week (20-30 minutes) to discuss bullying and improving peer relationships.
  • Intervene consistently and in a timely manner to bullying behaviors. This behavior should never be ignored. Meetings should be held with both the bully and the target to obtain accurate information and to discuss the behavior.
  • Increase adult supervision in bullying “hot spots.” These spots tend to be those in which adults are usually not present.
  • Develop clear rules about bullying and strictly follow them.
  • School administration should provide teacher in-service training to prepare teachers for bullying and the protocol to follow in these instances.
  • Form support groups within the school that center around bully prevention and awareness.
  • Focus on the school environment. Make the social environment a positive one and enhance school spirit

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